Music Remedy Services

Newton Enoch has been a musician, and began studying music in his early childhood. In his late teens, he began to share his life with persons with developmental and learning disabilities. During the next 18 years in the field, he would contract his services to schools and community organizations to teach musical notation and instrumentation to the general population. This then led him to start his own company focusing on artists, venues and creating spaces to share music and Art with others. Today, Newton lives back in his hometown, and is an appointed commissioner of the Mission’s Arts and Culture Commission, and Vice President on the board of the Mission Arts Council.

Music is such a powerful force/energy, and can help all people in so many ways. If we direct the focus of music to address a person’s physical, emotional, cognitive, or social needs, we see positive results with almost everyone.

Newton uses creating, singing, moving, and/or listening to music in his sessions. These sessions provide an out let to express feelings, facilitate movement, offer emotional support for the person/people and their family, and will teach the person/people how to maximize their relationship and enjoyment of music itself.

Music helps older adults lessen the effects of dementia, hospitalized patients to reduce pain, children with autism to improve their communication skills, and there are endless benefits to the most “healthy” of us.

Newton has experience working in a 1:1, small group, or large group environment. SeaWest Entertainment has educators in all areas of the music industry. We have instructors to provide support and services for larger groups.

Boris Sichon – (Master Percussionist) is our lead instructor. Please visit his website for more info: 


Individualized Sessions = $40.00/hr

Newton will create a treatment session, designed specifically for this person. If this person has had music therapy sessions in the past, it is good to review the program with Newton. We can then devise an individual plan, that suits their current needs. Once we have approved a plan we can proceed to make a schedule for service, whether it be weekly or monthly.

Small Group Sessions (2-4 people) = $75-100/hr

Small group music sessions are great for groups that are friends already and looking for new experiences. It is amazing for helping with the social side, general relaxation, and well-being.

Large Group Sessions (5+ people)

Please contact Newton to discuss accommodating a session for your large group.