Youth Open Stage – Free Admission for All

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The Youth Open Stage is a community based program, focused on the development of youth performers of all genres, and offered free of charge to any youth aged 12 through 19.

Twice a month youth are led through a series of education workshops, covering a variety of performing arts applications such as (but not limited to) technical production, instrumentation, writing exercises, stage craft, vocal coaching, and songwriting. Each workshop is guided by professional instructors/performers in the performing arts industry, giving our youth confidence among their peers, as well as an opportunity to learn leadership skills by mentoring younger/beginner participants. Each session also provides an opportunity for each participant to perform their talent in front of an audience to utilize their newly developed knowledge and skills.

The Youth Open Stage gives young people a safe, inclusive, public place to perform, practice, and hone their skills. This group is for people of all ages that support our youth and the performing arts. If you know of someone who would like to learn and develop a performing arts talent, please share this group with them and/or their parents. Sing, play an instrument, dance, mime, comedy, acting monologues, spoken word – all genres are welcome and encouraged.

This program is proudly sponsored by SeaWest Entertainment, The Railyard, and MarKaren Music. For more information please contact Program Director Karen Humpage at